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Zac Efron Desperately Seeks Robert De Niro’s Approval In New Video Series

In a new series of videos from Funny Or Die, a great website you ‘re most likely visiting right now, Dirty Grandpa co-stars Robert De Niro and Zac Efron sit down to exchange life lessons and big ideas, whether or not both of them really care to be there.

First up, De Niro shares how great acting is just like making a sandwich. A student of film, Efron eats it all up ‘ literally.

Robert De Niro Tricks Zac Efron Into Making Him A Sandwich

Next, Zac asks Bobby if he would record a special birthday message for his girlfriend. Ever a good sport, De Niro is happy to oblige, but even an Oscar-winning actor has his limits. Be careful, because after watching this one, you ‘ll be running to go see the film Dirty Grandpa.

Robert De Niro’s Happy Birthday Greeting To Zac Efron’s Girlfriend

And in the final film of the trilogy, Zac has a few ideas about how to breathe new life into the iconic films of De Niro ‘s career. Umm ‘ Dirtier Grandpa, anyone?

Zac Efron Pitches Robert De Niro On Movie Reboots

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