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Create a Channel

If you just created your Funny Or Die account and you want to upload something, you might see something like this:

This ‘Guides ‘ channel is all about this. But here is the bare minimum that you need to do to get started.

Getting started on a channel

Channel Name: If you are a person or group, you will usually put that here. Unlike your username, this will be your public identity.
Channel URL: Most people want this to be the same as their channel name. So for example, Will Ferrell is /willferrell, Adam MkKay is /adam_mckay, and so on. But if that URL is unavailable, be prepared to have a back-up name.

Important: Changing URLs on the internet is a very bad thing to do for many technical reasons. Therefore, we only allow you to do it once; so please think this one through.

Don ‘t forget to click ‘Create Channel ‘ after you have done this!

Most people will also want to put their profile and cover photo on their channel page. To find out more about this, go here:

Upload and Optimize Profile Photo
Upload and Optimize Cover Photo

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