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Top Content On The Internet This Week

Welcome to this week ‘s Top Content on the Internet. We ‘ve curated the best of the best from the internet and ‘ whoa, that ‘s really weird. It ‘s all from Funny Or Die. Surprise, surprise.


Anthony ‘s brother, Gavin, asks him to help him with an emergency in their apartment, but you would know that if you just clicked on the video already.


Painfully Honest Movie Posters For 2016 Oscar Nominated Films

These posters are so painfully honest that it put me in the hospital.

Work Appropriate Hugs For National Hug Day

Yesterday was National Hug Day, so if you ‘re reading this it ‘s probably a little late, or if you ‘re prepping for next year ‘s National Hug Day it ‘s 364 days early.

7 Things So Dumb They Were Great On The Bachelor Last Night

This one ‘s for all you Bachelorheads out there just dying to read up on the dumbest show ever to exist.

Deleted Scenes From ‘The Revenant”

Hint: Most of them are of Leo screaming, blowing his nose, and fending off the unwanted sexual advances of a bear.

Ten Best Kinds Of Wine And Sex To Have During A Blizzard


Sean Penn, Can You Help Find My Dad Next?

Sean Penn found El Chapo, and now he ‘s going to help a boy and his dad reunite.

Vladimir Putin Texts David Cameron About The KGB Defector Poisoning In A London Hotel

It ‘s great to see two friends share a pleasant text conversation about a political assassination.

21 Best Pics Of All Time Of The Week

Another best of list in a best of list. Making this the Inception of best of lists.

Zac Efron Pitches Robert De Niro On Movie Reboots

Wow, what a hunk. That hair, that bod, and he ‘s the star of Taxi Driver and Deerhunter. What? You thought I was talking about Efron? No way.

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