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Jeb Bush’s Mom Might Vote For Him!

Raise your hand if you think your mom would vote for you for president. Okay, if you ‘re Jeb Bush, maybe think twice and put your hand down.

Babs made this commercial for her little Jeb and she was either paid in Talbots gift cards or promised she ‘d never have to hear any of the boys in her family speak of politics again if she did so. Either way, whatever prompted this campaign commercial, it sure as hell wasn ‘t maternal love.

‘Of all the people running, he seems to be the one who could solve the problems” is an actual line she says. If I were Jeb, I ‘d have wanted to screen the tape before it went out and also called up mummy and been like, ‘Mummy, we need active verbs and confidence, we can ‘t fix this election, people noticed last time!”

Regardless, this does mean Jeb has at least maybe one vote!

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