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What Part Of Donald Trump Retweeting A Neo Nazi Twitter Account Making Fun Of Jeb Bush Surprised You?

Donald Trump thinks highly of himself and he adores adulation; he also likes to belittle his opponents with ad hominem attacks. So, sadly, it is not surprising that at approximately 7:51 a.m. Trump retweeted this horrific perfect storm of hatred:

People have noted that the account ‘WhiteGenocideTM” is an anti-Semtic, neo-Nazi account. In the account ‘s bio, there is a link to a pro-Hitler documentary. It took us about 15 seconds of research to find this out, research that in a best case scenario Trump didn ‘t do himself before he tweeted, or in a worst case scenario did do but decided to retweet the account anyway. As of the posting of this article at 4:20 p.m. EST, Trump has not deleted the tweet.

A quick recap of what went down:

  • Donald Trump retweeted a mean spirited meme that was derogatory to a fellow Republican candidate.
  • The meme looks like it ‘s implying that Jeb Bush might be homeless and voting for Trump (We think? It might be making fun of the homeless, too? Is it saying that the homeless population of New York City supports Trump? Is it saying that Bush lost his mind, is living on the street, and now supports Trump? The logic at work is unclear).
  • The tweet in question is from a neo-Nazi, pro-Hitler account.
  • Even if somehow Trump didn ‘t bother to click through to the profile of the account to see what it stood for, at the very least he intentionally retweeted an account with the name ‘WhiteGenocideTM.”
  • This was all done by a person running for President Of The United States.
  • Trump ‘s on his tweet game before 8 a.m. EST. Kinda thirsty, no?

Unfortunately, none of the above is surprising.

Things that would be surprising for Donald Trump to do:

  • Respect people.
  • Act like an adult.
  • Admit to making a mistake and then apologize for it.
  • Act like a president.
  • Wait until after 8 a.m. EST to start tweeting self-congratulatory hatred.
  • Act like something other than a humongous asshole.

Update: Donald Trump has tweeted 27 times in the last 24 hours. In one of them, he retweeted a neo-Nazi group. In this one, he misspells Barack Obama:

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