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No Men Showed Up To The US Government So Women Took Over

Who run the world? Well if the world is snowy and the public transit system is shut down, it looks like girls really do run the world.

Earlier this week, after the big East Coast snow storm Jonas, the only people, Senators, pages, parliamentarians, pages,and floor managers, who showed up to work at the Senate on Tuesday were women. Senator Lisa Murkowski, a Republican from Alaska pointed this out.

So you know what this means. Men must pack up and go live at the poles. North or south, whichever they ‘d like. There, where it is cold and snowy, the men never have to work. Women are the overlords, excuse me, overbroads, and they reign supreme. Once the throne has been abandoned, the next congregation assumes a position of power. This is the matriarchy. This is the United States. Clutch your pearls, boys.

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