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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s videos finally managed to shovel themselves out after the big storm.

So Cute We Can Bear-ly Stand It

Who knew a bear playing in the snow could melt so many cold, dark hearts.

Board During A Storm

Posting this here just in case your computer was in the shop this week.

2 Lost Toy Fairious

First, watch as Vin Diesel excitedly talks about Street Sharks at a 1994 Toy Fair, then, after that, take a second to appreciate what a special, unique person Vin Diesel is and, apparently, always has been.

Born Via Student-Section

Free throw = 1 pt.

Witnessing the miracle of life = Priceless.

Let ‘s Give This Kid A Hand

As a reward for good grades, one NYC father treks out into the snow to buy his kid something special.

h/t Reddit

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