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The Internet Reacts To Joseph Fiennes Cast As Michael Jackson

Internationally beloved and critically renowned actor ‘ nay breather of life into the flat written word upon the stage ‘ Joseph Fiennes, is set to portray iconic pop star Michael Jackson in an upcoming film about the musician ‘s 9/11 road trip with Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brando.

What ‘s that? You aren ‘t familiar with acclaimed thespian Joseph Fiennes, who is known for his roles in 1998 ‘s Shakespeare In Love and [remember to come back to this and enter in another movie Fiennes was in that people might know about.] Wait, are you also saying that it is sort of weird a white actor is playing the King of Pop who is African American and even though in his later years did have very light skin, explicitly told Oprah he never wanted a white actor to portray him?

Hmm, well you and a lot of voices on Twitter might have a point. It is a little odd and if they ‘re gonna do that then at least have Liz Taylor be played by Taraji P. Henson. That ‘d be fabulous.

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