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In Response Video, World’s Most Evil Human Martin Shkreli Proves He Is Also Uncool

Shitty person, Martin Shkreli, the dude who was arrested for fraud and also raised the price of a life saving HIV drug by 5,556%, made a whack as fuck video threatening Ghost Face Killah. Shkreli purchased the only copy of Wu-Tang ‘s Once Upon A Time in Shaolin for $2 million, and after Wu-Tang member Ghost Face called Shkreli ‘Michael Jackson nose kid” he released this response video.

Holy shit. Just ‘holy shit.

This video makes Martin Shkreli, who already sucks so so so hard, somehow suck even more. The world would be a better place if Shkreli and his three friends in spooky costumes from Party City just turned off all of their devices and stopped making spoof gangster videos. Is excommunication still a thing? Is there some island without internet access we can send this guy to for the rest of his days?

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