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Best Friends Save Money On A Movie Ticket By Dressing As One Big Man, But At What Cost?

With movie tickets so expensive these days, people are finding plenty of creative ways to watch flicks for free. One way is to wait for whatever movie you wanna see to come out on a streaming service and then watch it using your friend ‘s dad ‘s password, but another way is to do what Bo Johnson and his best friend Matthew do in this video, which is have one adult curl up and grab onto another adult ‘s belly and stay there, for the entire ticket purchasing experience, under several layers of clothing.

Of course, the money the BFFs saved on one ticket is probably nothing compared to the cost of the giant shirts, pants, and sweater, plus potential years of back pain from carrying an adult human on your belly like that, but perhaps it ‘ll all be worth it for this big great dumb video.

h/t Death & Taxes

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