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Watch A Man Go Insane Connecting Every Adam Sandler Movie To One Universe

In the film 50 First Dates, Dan Akroyd plays a doctor working at the Callahan Institute. Comedy fans like yourself should recognize ‘Callahan” as the name of the auto parts factory in Tommy Boy. Connections and tiny crossovers like this are, of course, what make the movies so much fun. But that should be the end of it. You finish watching 50 First Dates, brush your teeth, and then head to bed for a good night ‘s rest.

But no. No, that ‘s not what Shawn Kohne did. This little ‘Callahan” tidbit sent him spiraling down a rabbit hole so dense he actually watched Rob Schneider ‘s The Animal. I KNOW!!! Two weeks later he emerged an insane person, but one who managed to connect each and every project in Adam Sandler ‘s entire career, essentially tying them all to one universe. Fortunately, you can save yourself the time and trouble and just watch this video instead. Just don ‘t forget to brush your teeth when you ‘re done.

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