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Kid Rock Endorses Donald Trump, But Also He Has Never Not Endorsed Donald Trump, You Know?

Today musician Kid Rock endorsed Donald Trump for president. When Mr. Rock told Rolling Stone that he is ‘digging Trump” we read that statement and as if experiencing deja vu, acknowledged within ourselves this was something we already knew.

There are some facts and occurrences that we come across and witness, and though it may be for the first time, our body immediately recognizes them as true or even familiar.

It ‘s like the way mothers know how to hold their new born babies, or we ‘re able to detect at an early age the looks of anger or fear in another ‘s face. Some knowledge is intuitive and lives within us.

Time is a flat circle in which there ‘s never been a moment Kid Rock has not endorsed Trump. It ‘s as true today as it was a century ago and will be for all years come. Namaste.

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