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In Game: The Complete Web Series

Six nerds play out the drama of their real lives through the fantasy world of live action role playing (LARP). A meek, doe-eyed med student can be a slick assassin, while the underachieving gadget geek is a master wizard. In the real world, they're the world's biggest losers, but at the LARP, everyone's a hero. Written by: Mark P. Lichtenstein, Zoe Samuel and Keisha Zollar Directed by: Mark P. Lichtenstein Starring: Aaron Eisenberg, Mark P. Lichtenstein, Keisha Zollar, Erik Potempa, Jon Bander, Roger Reed, John Garry, Joel Perez, Aly Viny, Hansel Tan, Pun Bandhu, Megan Sass, Saad Haroon Check out more Manpowered Films originals here:

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