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The Best Gifts To Give This Black History Month!

The holidays are over, but gift-giving season has only just begun! Forget Valentine ‘s Day, where you ‘ll pat yourself on the back for maybe not dying alone. Instead this February, figure out how to celebrate Black History Month if you don ‘t have the privilege of being black! The best gifts you can give are so simple, and can also relieve you of some of that guilt.

This Black History Month, make sure you pick out the best presents for your favorite black friends and family members! Here are some easy ways to say, ‘Thank you for being black,” and also, ‘I ‘m sorry!”

  • Integrate the Oscars! Give Idris Elba that award he should ‘ve been nominated for.
  • Make memes of Leo crying during Idris ‘ acceptance speech.
  • Read Between the World and Me to your children for their bedtime story.
  • Get Whitney back!!!
  • On your way to kill Hitler with your time machine, make a pit stop to the first guy that said, ‘You know what we should own? People!”
  • Write in ‘Obama” on all of this year ‘s ballots.
  • Retweets, likes, and right swipes on everything black people do.
  • Make the #AllLivesMatter hashtag actually come true.
  • Keep remembering that chocolate ice cream is better than vanilla and always will be.
  • Cast a black man to play Michael Jackson and then just don ‘t even talk about it anymore. We know. We know. We don ‘t like to talk about it!
  • Maybe less killing of innocent black people out of fear and ignorance?
  • Another Beyonc ‘.
  • Tell the truth about all the black people that invented stuff but didn ‘t get the credit. Give Black History back!
  • E.g. American history will only be told in the form of rap-musicals like Hamilton from now on.
  • Finally take the time to make that second black friend!
  • Let people buy tickets to Fifty Shades of Black, but instead play for them The Color Purple.
  • Equality. You ‘ll love seeing the magic in their eyes when they wake up every day to equality under the BHM tree!
  • Remember that black emojis are people too.
  • Reparations. All these are like mini-reparations. But real reparations would be perfect.

Yeah I think that would be enough. Thanks!

Note: If you are black, please remember that we have already given ourselves the best gift we can give: Idris Elba.

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