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5 Things to Say around your Fellow Hoosiers to Convince Them That You Too Are a Very Basketball Person

5 Things to Say around your Fellow Hoosiers to Convince Them That You Too Are a Very Basketball Person

Well It ‘s basketball season again here in the great state of Indiana, and what could possibly be more embarrassing than letting slip to your friends and family that you know nothing about doing sports things? Well never fear, because here are some quick and easy phrases to toss out when you need everyone to know just how basketball you truly are.

  • 1. ‘Take that basketball deep into basket territory”

This is always good advice to scream at the players of a basketball match, whether they are on the screen, or running on the field in front of you. I mean how do they expect to succeed in this very important sport situation if they can ‘t even dump the ball into the net place?!

  • 2. ‘Come on, referee, that partially executed strategy was aces”

This one you can say at any point in the game, but make sure you say it loud enough that everyone realizes you are using large words with three and four syllables. How could someone who uses large words not be familiar with all of sports, most importantly the basketball match? They couldn ‘t. Boom.

  • 3. ‘Let ‘s go team-unit, push your physical boundaries and secure many units of point for our side”

This is always good, because it establishes that you too want your side to score a unit-point and win the basketball match for glory and a sense of comradery within your home state, which is important because all sport is a fun, friendly time for the family.

  • 4. ‘Please pass me a chicken wing”

Get stuck, and need to stall? Put chicken in your mouth. No chicken around? Demand chicken to the point where you need to leave and find some before you can possibly start commenting on the game with the same level of skill you definitely accomplished up to this point.

  • 5. ‘Hooray what a good winning time for either our side or the opposing side depending on who accomplished more in the game-match”

Wow, what a time. Now all you have to do is figure out who just won, and react appropriately, but when is sportsmanship not appropriate? Conclude the sporting festivities off strongly by announcing your happiness for whomever took the basketball way deep into basketball territory the most throughout the game.

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