By: Jenna Elfman

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Wild Horses: Judgment with Jenna Elfman

The Wild Horses corral in the judge ‘s chambers to argue their cases for hidden talents, personal relationships, and sexual positioning.

Director & Editor: Nick Wiger
Starring: Jenna Elfman, Stephanie Allynne, Lauren Lapkus, Mary Holland and Erin Whitehead
Producer: Brianne Trosie
DP: Aaron Ulrich
A Cam 1st AC: Jorel Odell
B Cam Op: Daniella Nowitz
B Cam 1st AC: Patrick Geraghty
Gaffer: Ian Thomas
Key Grip: Dough Sampson
Production Design: Ashley Swanson
Art Assist: John Flores
Sound: Mike Robertson
Wardrobe: Jordy Scheinberg
H&MU: Jessica Leigh schwartz
Makeup Assist: Brenna Haukedahl
PA: Ben Parks, Jason Kirkland, Mackenzie Roth

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