By: Adam Ray

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LP Cologne – official fragrance of comic Brad Williams

Do you possess the confidence necessary to live out a full day in the universe? Are you constantly seeking more than what is offered? Do you like to smell like a king? Then pick up a bottle of LP cologne, the official fragrance of comedian Brad Williams. Starring Syd Wilder, Brad Williams, & Adam Ray. Written by Adam Ray & Brad Williams. Directed by David Codeglia: Director of Photography – James Codeglia: AC/Gaffer – Todd Kappelt: Makeup by Salette Corpuz: Hair by Hiromi Inoko: Chest by Mark Serritella Music by Alfred Montejano: Visual Effects by Ghostlight: Special Thanks to: Matt Wyatt at Daughter & Sons: Ashleigh Sumner & Beth Stokes & Blanche the cat

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