By: bryan madole

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Butt Cutz

The butt cut, the middle part, the mushroom haircut ‘ whatever you want to call it, it was one of the most fashionable mens' hairstyles back in the ’90s when Nick Carter, Devon Sawa, Skeet Ulrich, Rider Strong, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas reigned supreme. Now, 20 years later, it's time to reflect on the favorite coif of Generation X.

Director – Bryan Madole
Producer – Nate Vaughan
Production Manager – Libby De Leon
DP – Matt Sweeney
Camera PA – Terrell Amezcua
Gaffer – Jenn Cohen
Key Grip – Dustin Supencheck
Hair and Makeup – Taylor Tompkins
Audio Mix – Kelly Newman
Talent – Sean Dacanay
Talent – Jon Millstein
Talent – Jeffery Welk
Talent – Jon Robben
Talent – Mike Wolfe
Talent – Libby De Leon
Rapper – Welton Gite

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