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Local Teacher Finally Fed Up, Will NOT Go Back One Slide

Local Teacher Finally Fed Up, Will NOT Go Back One Slide

BLOOMINGTON,IN- Panic ensued last Thursday at IU when an already burnt out lecturer, Jesse Snope, snapped.
An unidentified student from the back of the 300 person class shouted out for the fifth time, a request ‘to go back one slide real quick”.
It was at this point Mr. Snope slammed his hands on his desk screaming ‘No! It ‘s five sentences! Why can ‘t you write faster?! Have you ever heard of paraphrasing?!”
The students were clearly shocked, but the original unidentified student managed to reply ‘Its cool man, jeez.”
Sources say this is when the situation turned from bad to worse. Mr Snope not only reaffirmed his refusal to revisit the slide, but instead decided that the class would go forward all the way.
‘Get out your pencils, ass-wipes! We ‘re taking the fucking final!”
When the students unanimously refused, Mr. Snope set a stack of assessment sheets on fire and ran out of the room. He was last seen disappearing into Dunn Woods.
All students in his class have been awarded A ‘s.

Lily Lalios is a sophomore at IU studying English. When she ‘s not crying over how expensive spices are she enjoys writing jokes and being nice to small animals. Follow her on Twitter @lilythelalios or in Instagram @notnotlily.

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