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Torturous Things Occurring In Frats That Aren’t As Bad As Waterboarding, But Are Still Pretty Horrible

Spawn of Donald Trump, Eric Trump, defended his dad ‘s support of waterboarding on Fox News Monday night.

This little freaky lizard dude literally said that waterboarding is the kind of shit that goes down in college fraternities all the time. If this is what is happening in frats, we ‘re gonna need a whole ‘nother Rolling Stone article (but real this time, not fabricated.)

Waterboarding probably isn ‘t happening in frats but here are some torturous things that are:

  • A David Guetta track left on repeat from 2am-8am.
  • A keg of some watery, shitty beer.
  • Pre-gaming for 6 hours.
  • The bathroom situation.
  • Unheard of and insane ‘house rules” for beer pong.
  • The use of the phrase ‘bruh” when referring to a person.
  • The brother who could talk to you for hours unless you simply walk away about the different strands of weed he is trying to grow.
  • An unending debate about who was the most fucked up the other night.
  • Beer olympics.
  • Every layered polo shirt is a crime.

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