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Hollywood Producer Is Tweeting The Laughably Sexist Descriptions Of Female Leads In Scripts He Reads

It ‘s no secret that sexism is rampant in Hollywood, but it can be surprising to see it present even from the very beginning of a female character ‘s existence, in the words used to introduce her. That ‘s where H-wood producer Ross Putman ‘s new Twitter @femscriptintros comes in. From this account, Putman tweets the line of description introducing female characters in scripts he ‘s reading, changing nothing except the character name, which he switches to JANE. The descriptions are very upsetting, but also pretty funny in terms of how much they demand from the characters ‘these are women who are sexy, beautiful, sharply dressed, usually in their 20s, smart, let ‘s say sexy another time, and (most of all) not trying too hard.

Check out some of the (real!) descriptions below:

h/t io9

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