By: Kenny Loggins

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Funny Or Die Presents “The Art Of The Deal” Theme Song with Kenny Loggins

King of the Movie Soundtrack, Kenny Loggins, makes America great again by performing the original theme song for Funny Or Die Presents Donald Trump ‘s The Art Of The Deal: The Movie. In this classic ’80s music video, Kenny dons his finest American flag regalia to belt out yet another gem to stand alongside his Top Gun, Footloose, and Caddyshack records.

EP- Ben Sheehan
Director- Bryan Madole
Producer- Libby de Leon
DP- Aaron Ulrich
Cam Op- Nate Cornett
Gaffer- Ian Thomas
Key Grip- Doug Sampson
Wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg
HMU- Erin Blinn
PA- Glenn Fellman

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