By: Brittany Snow

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Valentine’s Day Singing Telegrams with Brittany Snow

Marnie Tethers (Brittany Snow) loves musical performance. So much, in fact, that when her holiday caroling business shut down due to undisclosed circumstances, she rebranded as a singing telegram service. With Valentine ‘s Day right around the corner the new business venture seems to be going well enough, but Marnie ‘s emotional issues begin to flare up when she and her boyfriend, Skrillex, hit a rough patch.

Director- Jon Mackey
Writer- Dave Ferguson
Producer- Libby de Leon
Coordinator- Ross Buran
DP- Carissa Dorson
1st AC- Bianca Garcia
Gaffer- Jacob Abrams
Key Grip- Charles Cartwright
hair- Aviva Perea
wardrobe- Jordy Scheinberg
Prop Master- Brad Salo
Art Assistant- Heather Droulliard, Carlii Barajas
Sound- Danny Carpenter via BoTown Sound
PA- Connor Glass, Marcos Gonzalez
Brittany Snow
Libby de Leon
Sean Dacanay
Matt Kirsch
Welton Gite
Mike Rhodes
Bunny Gibson
Vanessa Wolf

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