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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s videos just couldn ‘t seem to get out of their own way.

The greatest political sketch ever?

We ‘ve all seen this video of the botched introductions at the most recent Republican debate a hundred times, but that doesn ‘t mean it shouldn ‘t be a thousand.

This is a drill. We repeat. THIS IS A DRILL.

A Japanese zoo uses a man in a zebra costume to simulate an actual zebra escape. Don ‘t be surprised if after watching this you immediately move to Japan.

The history of Japan is entertaining?

Sticking with Japan, here ‘s a nine-minute video on the history of Japan that sounds boring, but we promise you is not. If you watch only one nine-minute internet video about Japan this week, be sure to make it this one.


Watch this genius five-year-old who ‘s already smart enough to know that, when in trouble, it ‘s best to just keep your mouth shut.

But seriously, what about “MOM-my?”

Enough with the Family Feud clips, right? NO WAY. This clip of a woman who just keeps giving different forms of the same answer over and over is so funny you ‘ll think you were watching that intro video from the Republican debate again.

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