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Best Late Night Of The Morning: How Bernie Sanders Is Different From Trump And Similar To Sandwiches

Which do you think was more exciting for Bernie Sanders, winning the New Hampshire primary or getting to go on The Late Show and sit across from Stephen Colbert? You ‘re right, it ‘s no contest, it ‘s definitely ‘ the third option, getting called ‘Bernie Sandwiches” by Chris Hayes! See, it was a trick question! And Bernie Sandwiches is a very funny Freudian slip from a hungry political commentator!

In honor of Hayes ‘s slip, Colbert gave a recap of the New Hampshire primary using quite a few sandwich puns, as well as spot-on impressions of Bernie, Trump, Hillary, and Bill Clinton.

Then, later in the show, Senator Sandwiches himself stopped by to talk about why, contrary to what Bill O'Reilly would like you to think, he ‘s not the same as Donald Trump. But maybe he is the same as Puppy Baby Monkey. JK, nothing ‘s the same as that nightmare!

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