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Duncan Hunter Is Breaking Vape Barriers In This Country

What do Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Duncan Hunter all have in common? They ‘ve all been making huge leaps and breaking political barriers this year. Bernie Sanders is the first Jewish person to have ever win a presidential primary election. Hillary Clinton is the first woman candidate to ever win Iowa. And Duncan Hunter is the first congressman to ever vape during a Congressional hearing.

This is huge for the vape community. Imagine in a generation or two, when people are walking down the aisle to a cloud of vape smoke, we can look back at this exact moment and say ‘none of this would be possible without Duncan Hunter, California representative, vaping midway through a Congressional hearing.”

Hunter was making a point against a bill trying to ban vaping on planes, which is 99% a great bill to pass. The only reason we shouldn ‘t pass that bill is so that we can make a movie called ‘Vapes On A Plane.” That ‘s it.

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