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The Full Trailer For ‘Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday’ Is So Much Fun

Guys!! Pee-wee ‘s big movie, Pee-wee ‘s Big Holiday, is almost here! The Netflix original flick is being released on March 18th and boy oh boy are we excited! It ‘s got action and hunks and babes and goofs and some celeb cameos and all the Pee-wee-isms you ‘ve been missing for years, now.

Pee-wee has flown the nest and is adventuring outside his trusty Playhouse. He ‘s in the big bad real world and this movie looks so gosh darn fun, how are any of us going to wait almost a month for it?

Sorry there isn ‘t a hotter take on this trailer. Watching it makes you smile. Isn ‘t that great? If you want something more dramatic, log on to Facebook and tell everyone who you are voting for. You aren ‘t going to get that turmoil here. Sorry.

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