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This Dad Reviews The Grammys: “It Was Great Except The Raps”

My goodness that was a fun Grammy Awards last night, did you watch that one? Boy I tell ya, we loved it! Everyone looked great, all the tributes were great, and all the performances were great. Everything but the raps. We didn ‘t like the raps.

When we first turned it on, your mom asked if the Grammy Awards was the movie one, the songs one, or the TV shows one, and I wasn ‘t sure either. We recognized that Taylor Swift girl up on stage from her singing, but then we thought maybe she was in a movie too. She just looks like one of those movie gals with that face and hair and so tall. At least that ‘s what we thought, isn ‘t that right hun? (Oh I forgot to tell you, your mom is sitting next to me as I write this, that ‘s why I keep saying “isn ‘t that right?” FYI.)

Yeah, we pretty much liked everything at the Grammy Awards except the raps, isn ‘t that right, hun?

Anyway, LL Cool J was hosting and he made it clear that the Grammy Awards was the songs one after all, so, mystery solved! Your mom loves LL Cool J for some reason. Not sure what he has to do with the songs awards one though. He should host the TV shows awards one since he ‘s on that N.I.C.S.

Ooh, you know what was great? Lionel Richie! Such a good performer and his songs are some of the most memorable in history, probably. I remembered all of them that they played and we remembered some of the words of the bigger songs too! “All Night Long” is a great song. So is that song about a party and the Fiesta Forever one! Just some all-time classic songs.

They did a whole big thing for Lionel Richie. Not sure why, probably for an anniversary or maybe he ‘s retired or handicapped now. We never found out, did we hun?

Then there was some of the raps, which we did not like, right hun? No we didn ‘t. First there was a rap where a bunch of the guys came out dressed like the Founding Fathers but black. Is that what popular rap guys are wearing now? Fashion really is cyclical, isn ‘t that right? So this is when we muted the show and fought about how we need a new lamp in the living room. You know how we are, we fight and call each other stupid because we ‘re an old married couple, but at the end of the day we love each other a lot. Right, hun?

One of the weirdest things was that Lady Ga song. She dressed up like that Bowie who I think died yesterday.

After that another man came out in handcuffs and I just knew it was going to be a rap again, don ‘t ask me how. There was also a saxophone man playing in a cage. Who the heck knows why. Now, I know music people are weird, like with the Lady Ga show, but on top of that, this man is doing his rap so fast we can ‘t even understand what ‘s going on.

I wish Lionel Richie had sang some of those raps. Maybe then we could understand what in the heck they were saying. So we turn the mute back on and start fighting about lamps again. Wait a second, your mom wants to type something. Here, I ‘ll put it on a new line ‘

Your father would be happy with a bare bulb. As long as the ESPN is on he ‘s oblivious. What are you eating?

Thanks dear. Grrr. Your mom and I are at each other ‘s throats since we retired. You can only mow the lawn so much, haha! But I do love her.

Anyway, while we ‘re talking about the lamp and the man is still rapping all of a sudden there ‘s a fire on stage! We turn it off right away because it looked too dangerous! You don ‘t live by the theater that the show was taped at do you? Did you see any fire engines? I ‘m just saying, it was a really big fire so look out!

After we turned it off your mom turned on the news and I fell asleep in my chair. So, yeah, we enjoyed the Grammy Awards. Except for the raps.

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