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South Dakota Senate Passes Anti-Transgender Bill Which Is A Lame First

South Dakota ‘s Senate passed a bill Tuesday that would require people to use the bathroom corresponding to the gender they were assigned at birth. This is mostly seen an attack on transgender school students and While South Dakota ‘s governor, Dennis Daugaard, has yet to sign the bill into law, the midwestern state is being touted as the first state to pass anti-transgender bathroom bills.

Let ‘s be clear, though. This isn ‘t like a cool first. This isn ‘t like first man on the moon type progress. South Dakota being the first state to pass this hateful bill is like the first one of your friends to shit themselves in public. Or the first person to find a new way to hurt cats. Or the first person to say no transgender people are allowed on the moon.

It ‘s backwards and wack as hell. If you ‘re a state senator reading this, don ‘t for one moment think this is a trend. Let this ‘first” turn into an ‘aberration.” It ‘d be pretty lame to tag on as the second state to pass this discriminatory bill.

To get the point across that bills like this are harmful and bigoted, here is a scene from the critically acclaimed Transparent. Ask yourself, ‘who is the bad guy in this scene?” The answer is the belligerent blonde. Don ‘t be the belligerent blonde. Be the first to not be the belligerent blonde. (Also, watch Transparent, great show!)

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