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Obama Said Being President Isn’t A Reality Show, But Here Is What Would Happen If It Was

President Obama said that he still believes Donald Trump will not become president and that he has enough faith in our country to not vote him in. He also made the point that being president isn ‘t a reality show or a marketing scheme.

Trump responded back threateningly that Obama was ‘lucky” he didn ‘t run against him in 2012. I know Obama said that this wasn ‘t a reality show, but listening to these two spat back and forth makes me want to announce the new reality show coming to your television 240 years ago: The Hot US Government!

Here ‘s a recap of the last ep! The show started off with Obama, the keen and handsome president of the United States, baring it all in his video confessional with the press. He did not have nice things to say about candidate Donald Trump and did not hold back at all. Would Trump get wind of this? You know he ‘s a drama queen and will totally flip if he hears.

Things remained mostly calm for the rest of the evening as the politicians and candidates went about their damn business. The living Supreme Court Justice ‘s held a memorial for Scalia where Clarence Thomas got schwasted and revealed some secrets about Ruth Bader Ginsburg he had sworn he ‘d never tell. It was a whole thing.
But THEN, like the dramatic person he is, Donald Trump confronted Obama like, ‘what on earth have you been saying about me? I heard you, bitch.”

He threw out a bunch of what-ifs, like ‘what if I had ran against him in 2012″ and ‘what if I was a black man?”

The two totally hashed it out and slung some very nasty insults at one another. The fight broke up, however, when a Hill intern delivered Tyra Mail and notified them the rose elections would be happening in a few hours.

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