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Mom I promise I ‘ll get off the internet as soon as I finish reading all the top content out there! Wait, what? There ‘s an article that has all of it in one place? And it ‘s all from my favorite website, Funny Or Die? You ‘re the best, Mom!

Why Didn ‘t Anyone Tell Me It Was Black History Month?

As February nears its end, look at the calendar.

Bernie And Hillary Supporters Kiss And Make Up

If only Donald Trump and Ted Cruz could do the same ‘ and someone could film it.

Bernie And Hillary Supporters Kiss And Make Up

18 Jeb Bush ‘Inspired Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up America

It was the not-fired shot heard ’round the world.

Nike And Adidas Are Gay Now, So What Am I Supposed to Workout In?

Wondering where someone could get some non-gay athletic gear in such dark times of acceptance and love? Homophobes, we got you fam.

Jeb Bush ‘s Message From His Past Self To His Present Self

Just when you thought Jeb couldn ‘t get any cooler, check out what past Jeb wants to say to future Jeb.

Surgeon Secrets

Ever wonder what really goes down in surgery?

Surgeon Secrets

Tyga Texts Paul McCartney Trying To Figure Out Who He Is

The legend Tyga texts some dude who was in this band named after an insect.

18 More Of The Greatest Yearbook Moments Of All Time

This year ‘s batch of students all received full rides to Awesome University.

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