By: Chuck

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Hollywood Actor Guerrilla Marketing

I ‘ve been leaving these sealed manila envelopes around town. They have my postcard in them & Michael Bay written on them. People are curious in general, and I ‘m betting people are really curious about Michael Bay ‘s mail. P.S. If you want me to send you a postcard, send me a private message with your mailing address. P.P.S I promise not to sell your information to anyone or send you anything else. I won ‘t even keep it for myself. Just ask my friends and family how many times I have had to ask them for their mailing addresses. Moreover, if I was on Yelp for sending people postcards, I would have 5 stars, and I have a 100% perfect track record of not murdering people who give me their address. I will not come to your house and murder you. I promise. Seriously. Okay, look, if you are that scared to give me your mailing address, just give me the mailing address of the closest Subway restaurant to you, and I will mail your postcard there.

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