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The Obama HOPE Artist Released A Design Supporting Bernie Sanders; But What About Hillary?

Um, yikes. This is awkward. Shepard Fairey, the artist who created Obama ‘s iconic HOPE poster has made a similar design for Senator Bernie Sanders.

The OG Poster.

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What ‘s awkward, though, is that he didn ‘t make one for Hillary. He must ‘ve forgotten, right? I do that all the time with Facebook event invitations. I think I ‘m inviting all my pals, but the logarithm leaves someone out or they slip by somehow and they aren ‘t invited to whatever incredibly cool bash I ‘m throwing. Usually, however, when that happens, my friend totally gets it because I have legitimately v chill friends.

So I think we can do a quick fix with this whole Fairey oversight. I shot him an email letting him know he forgot to make Hillary a design and if he has time to ‘throw something together for O'Malley, too, that ‘d be way rad.” In the meantime, however, I found this great website called Obama-Me that will let you upload your own photo and create your version of a HOPE poster.

This will do for now. I know it looks sort of like Hillary is a zombie set out to rob your vote, but I would just hate for her to feel left out (something she ‘s probably felt for years as a woman in politics.) Once Fairey realizes his faux pas, surely he ‘ll overcompensate and just make a swaggy poster for all the candidates. That ‘s what ‘s best, anyways ‘ to make everyone feel included and as cool as Obama. That ‘s what this election should be about.

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