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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s videos prove you can ‘t make good content without cracking a few eggs.

Egging On Your Mom

As this guy proves over the course of a year, your mom will never suspect you ‘re going to throw an egg at her. Ever. Which is probably a good thing?

Baby Loses It ‘s Shit Over Magic Trick

Object permanence, schmobject schmermanence. This baby is dumb.

Guy Worries He Gon ‘ Lose His Head After Going To The Dentist

Didn ‘t this guy learn anything from that baby? Get smart or get fucked.

Kid Repeatedly Fails At Playing

You know, an optimist would say this kid is winning at life.

A Golden Voice

You can ‘t technically say this guy ‘s video of him singing along to the Golden Girls Theme went ‘viral,” because we ‘re sure 275,000 of those views were from us here at the FOD offices.

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