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Boost Your Productivity By Doing One Of These 20 Habits Every Day

Fast Company recently shared 15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity.Well, we have 20 habits, and you only have to do one of them every day. Boom! Already more productive.

  • Don ‘t look for Waldo; just enjoy the picture
  • Skip straight to final Doonesbury panel
  • Cut “goodbye” down to just “good”
  • Stp wrtng vwls
  • Just trust that you ‘re smarter than the cat instead of trying to prove it
  • Put toothpaste in your meals
  • Have your servants wake up two hours earlier
  • Give every ransom a firm deadline
  • Put entire email in the subject line
  • Tell everyone to “step on it”
  • Ignore the needs and desires of others
  • Get all your blinking out of the way first thing in the morning
  • Wear tubes that pipe the smell of roses from a tank directly into your nose so you never have to stop
  • Show up to therapist ‘s office already in tears
  • Take the subway instead of walking on the tracks
  • Replace anus and genitals with one simple cloaca
  • BCC your congressman and state senator
  • Still shoot first, but ask questions immediately after
  • Fill all your holes at once
  • Delete phone off your phone

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