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10 Apologies To You From Your Syllabus

10 Apologies To You From Your Syllabus

I know we have a tortured relationship, you and me. But you gotta know, as your syllabus, I only wanna help. I ‘ I just wanna be your buddy. I know you hate me sometimes, but I want you to know ‘ I ‘m sorry.

  • 1. I ‘m sorry I ‘m the reason the professor won ‘t tell you when the midterm is.
  • 2. I ‘m sorry I take up so much of your print quota.
  • 3. I ‘m sorry I have to tell you to but $500 worth of books you ‘ll read once.
  • 4. I ‘m sorry that the class will eventually get behind by a day, rendering my schedule useless.
  • 5. I ‘m sorry my revised version will take up even more of your print quota.
  • 6. I ‘m sorry for paper cuts.
  • 7. I ‘m sorry for constantly reminding you of the office hours you really should be going to, but never will, and thus feel bad about your effort as a student.
  • 8. I ‘m sorry for that moment when my staple gets torn out and papers go everywhere.
  • 9. I ‘m sorry for becoming a waded up ball that takes up space in your backpack.
  • 10. However, you ‘re damn welcome for syllabus week.

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