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5 Videos That Went Viral AF This Week

This week ‘s videos be like “DAMN!”

Back At It Again With The White Vans

There ‘s almost a zero percent chance you haven ‘t already seen this video or one of the 10 million memes it ‘s quickly spawned, but if we didn ‘t post this here we would LITERALLY lose our jobs.

Bird Flips The Fuck Out

Cut to the one-minute mark to watch a bird absolutely lose its shit after this man destroys its cage. Now you may ask, does the fact that this bird was obviously trained to say these things take away some of the fun? The answer: no, no it does not.

h/t Digg

106-Year-Old Woman Dances With Obama

Try for one second to imagine Donald Trump in this scenario.

110-Year-Old Woman Would Rather Take A Nap

Dear Taylor Swift,

If you ‘re looking to add someone new to your squad, please consider Flossie Dickey.


Death Via Mashup

This mashup of The Walking Dead with the Benny Hill theme is one of those guaranteed, can ‘t-miss type internet videos. Unless, of course, you hate The Walking Dead. Or maybe Benny Hill. But even still, this is pretty great.

via 43eyes, h/t Nerdist

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