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Colorado Tourists Are Not Playing It Cool And Going To The ER For Weed

Emergency Room visits in Colorado have doubled for a very specific demographic. Out-of-state tourists coming into the ER with marijuana related emergencies have gone from 85 per 10,000 visits in 2013 to 168 per 10,000 in 2014. Doctors are saying it ‘s usually for one of the three reasons. Either the weed they ‘re smoking exacerbates underlying conditions like anxiety, the weed causes impaired judgement and therefore accidents, or the patient smoked too much weed and is scared. (lol)

While I sympathize with the excitable tourist, I have to say, you have got to play it cool, dudes. Play. It. Cool.

Colorado legalizing marijuana is the equivalent of your friend ‘s parents going out of town in high school. We can throw a rad party there but if we don ‘t play it cool, the cops will come and bust up the whole operation. We have a good thing going right now. And if your parents see how easy and fun it was for your friend ‘s parents to go out of town, they just might decide to take a little trip themselves.

Then, ideally, all the parents are on vacation aka we will live in the United States of Constitutional Dank. Don ‘t beef this one up, tourists. You have a bad enough wrap already with your fanny packs and novelty tees. Don ‘t be the one ‘s that get this party busted up for us. Please.

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