By: President Barack Obama

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Oh Really, Senate Republicans? You Won’t Meet With My Supreme Court Nominee … LeBron James?

This Tuesday, Senate Republicans said they would reject any Supreme Court Nominee I made. They said they won ‘t hold a confirmation hearing, they won ‘t vote, and they won ‘t even meet with the person I nominate.

Senate Republicans, I know you don ‘t want to let me appoint a liberal Supreme Court Justice. I get that. But to say you won ‘t even meet with my nominee is brash, arrogant, and just plain dumb. I think you ‘ll regret saying it. Because what if I nominate LeBron James?!

And what if you and James really hit it off at the meeting? And then you guys became really good friends? And you get to sit court-side, and fly to away games with the team, and play one-on-one with James and he even lets you win sometimes?

Sure would be a shame to turn down a meeting like that. Especially considering a quick courtesy meeting doesn ‘t really have any political implications. It ‘s just a courtesy.

James is 6 ‘8″. You could get a picture standing next to him at the meeting. You ‘d look like a child and it would be hilarious.

Did you know James was a supporting actor in “Trainwreck,” a movie that has an 85% on Rotten Tomatoes? So, you ‘d be meeting an all-star athlete and a movie star. Two stars in one.

I ‘m not saying James is definitely my nominee. I ‘m just saying he might be, and you would have already committed yourself to not meeting him.

I bet the meeting would take place at James ‘ private court. I wonder if he would lift you up to dunk?

Senate Republicans, I ask you to please consider, at the very least, meeting with my Supreme Court Justice Nominee. Whoever he or she may be. I was elected President for a reason, and my pick could be great for both liberal and conservative America. Also, my nominee could be LeBron James!

Plus, I bet he ‘d let you try on his giant shoes at the meeting.

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