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Top Content On The Internet This Week

The downfall of the newspaper industry in the beginning of the 21st century also meant the downfall of the funny pages. Suddenly, thousands of Americans were left without their funny pages. For years, we panicked, but then ‘ we found a solution: The Top Content On The Internet This Week. There may be no Dilbert or sudoku, but it ‘s great for looking at while you ‘re on the toilet. It ‘s all from Funny Or Die, too, what a fun coincidence!


If there ‘s a) not enough tingle in your life, or b) not enough news, or c) not enough of either, we ‘ve got you covered.

ASMR News ~.~ Feb 22 2016 ~.~ (head and brain tingles)~

Reddit Stayed Awake To Make These Amazing Photoshops Of Kim Catching Kanye Sleeping

We ‘ll be sure to share with Kanye, just as soon as he emerges from his nap.

Tim Cook Takes On The Feds

If you don ‘t want your phone to get hacked, just keep it in a safe at all times.

Tim Cook Takes On The Feds

‘Deadpool ‘ Paves The Way For These 13 R-Rated Superhero Movies We Want To See

Walk, don ‘t run to these soon-to-be classics

I Want My Plantation Wedding To Feel Simple And Lovely And Not To Focus On Slavery

Also, no one on my concentration camp honeymoon can mention Hitler.

Boost Your Productivity By Doing One Of These 20 Habits Every Day

Fast Company ‘s got nothing on us.

PTA Mom: ‘My Husband Doesn ‘t Do Enough Housework, So I ‘m Getting A Second One To #ShareTheLoad!”

It ‘s time to level the playing field. #ShareTheLoad!

I Won ‘t Be Impressed With Robots Until They Can Make Me A Burrito

My anaconda don ‘t want none, unless you got burrito making robots hun.

14 Protest Signs That We Can All 100% Get Behind

JK, prob not, but worth a shot!

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