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Kanye West Trolls DeadMau5 On Twitter

It ‘s a sleepy afternoon in March and it ‘s technically still winter and we ‘re living in a hell where Trump has “won” Super Tuesday. Everything is sort of terrible. But someone out there in this big world loves us. And that person is Kanye West. Kanye West has been sent down from an alien planet to entertain us and today he dutifully and successfully continued his mission by tweeting at music producer Deadmau5.

Boring story short: Deadmau5 noticed in a screenshot Kanye West took of that the rapper was torrenting synthesizer software. Mr. Mau5 fired some shots at him. Kanye, not one to take anything lying down or ever at all, responded.

(this next one goes in the troll hall of fame)

Thank you, Kanye. We don ‘t know why you do it nor how you do it, but it ‘s stupid and fun and what we needed today.

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