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Best Late Night Of The Morning: John Stamos Reacts To The Harshest Reviews Of ‘Fuller House’

It being the “Golden Age of Television” or whatever, TV critics have become artists in their own right, trained to describe in the best of word choices what ‘s going on in the world ‘s most beautiful, artful, intense TV dramas and comedies. But then they have to write about Fuller House, too, which is a reboot of a family show made for children ‘ NOT THAT WE ‘RE KNOCKING IT, THAT ‘S JUST WHAT IT IS ‘ and the critics ‘ words are unnecessarily harsh, looping in concepts like porn, necrophilia, and time ‘s march towards death.

On last night ‘s Late Night, John Stamos read some of the wackiest excerpts from reviews, and he was understandably upset. Just look at how many times he whipped off his glasses for effect!

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