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How Does Donald Trump Feel About This Portrait Of Him Painted With A Boob?

Donald Trump is a man (editor ‘s note: find sources on this claim) with a lot of opinions. None good, all of them bad.

A video has surfaced on the all-giving internet of a woman painting a portrait of him with her breast. Now, this puts Trump in a weird position because clearly the man loves boobs, so you ‘d think he ‘d be a (h)uugggeeeeee fan of this YouTube video. But, this lady, Davison, who owns the breast attached to her body that she is painting with, hates The Donald and speaks very reasonably (poorly) about him.

You can bid on this portrait of Trump and all proceeds will go to breast cancer research, which is wonderful and makes sense because Davison ‘s breast was used to illustrate a living and breathing cancer to our society. Hopefully is raises a ton of money and Trump has to address his disapproval for breasts that do no support him. That would be (h)uuuuuuge.

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