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Bernie Sanders, Reefer In Chief?

Uhm, hold up! Cool dude and presidential candidate of the #woke people, Bernie Sanders, has DONE MARIJUANA TWO TIMES. So now we can coin the phrase #WokeAndToke.
This is the exact quote.

I have done marijuana twice in my life.

‘ Bernard “Bernie “Weed Head”” Sanders

Here ‘s a vid of that quote IN ACTION.

Hell yeah, a lil ‘ celebratory weed leaf for that first magical puff puff pass the Bern-man burned.
Uhmmmm, yeah you guessed it, it ‘s a SECOND weed leaf because our future Commander in KEEF has smoked MARIJUANA a total if DOS times.

Alright, so turns out after he did EXACTLY TWO toke seshes, Sanders coughed a whole bunch and decided it wasn ‘t for him. Hey, and you know what? That is totally cool because part of being a ganja enthusiast is respecting the boundaries of your fellow doobie brothers and sisters.

As long as Bernie can respect that a large number of us have a blunt a day minimum, he has our vote, just like this lil ‘ kitty kat has this fat nug.

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