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Comedian’s Rapid-Fire Kiss List Includes Everyone From Beyonc ‘ To Han Solo

Comedian Sage Boggs who you should already know from Twitter, or maybe Vine, or maybe even the sixth grade, if, like, you were in his class or something, has just posted his first YouTube video and wow, let ‘s just say he started out real strong.

Entitled “My kiss list, ‘ the entire of video is just an increasingly rapid-fire, seemingly endless list of people that Sage would like to kiss, all set to a Cake-like 90s-music bed. And while the song itself may not be destined to climb the Billboard charts anytime soon, it ‘s good to see someone so forthcoming with his kissing desires. Hopefully, some kid will see this and think “It ‘s OK that I want to kiss girls and boys. And clowns. And cans of beans. ‘

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