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8 Tantalizing Clues From The New ‘Game Of Thrones’ Trailer

HBO released the highly anticipated trailer for the sixth season of Game of Thones, and saying it ‘s full of hidden clues would be an understatement. They pack what seem like an infinite amount of potential revelations into this thing. Let ‘s dive in.

Jon Snow ‘s Dead

If you were wondering how the new season would address Jon Snow ‘s will-they-won ‘t-they relationship with death, here ‘s your answer. The guy ‘s long gone. The trailer opens on his dead body, signaling that the upcoming season will focus on the many repercussions his absence will have on the characters and the world. He ‘s been left to rot by the men he was meant to lead. He ‘s lifeless. So dead. RIP Jon. You will be missed.

Familiar Looking Haircut

Hold up. But what if Jon Snow ‘s not actually dead. If you pause the trailer at this moment, you ‘ll see a figure who looks strikingly familiar to our hero. Long hair? Check. Beard? Check. Embodying all that ‘s good and just in the world? We ‘ll see.

Could This Also Be Jon Snow?

And check this out. What seems like a wide shot of Daenerys heading toward Dothraki territory is actually a photo of Jon Snow.

Here ‘s Jon Snow In A Funny Metal Hat

This one ‘s a little obvious. But maybe it ‘s a flashback? We ‘ll have to wait and find out. If you listen closely to the trailer, you can hear Kit Harrington utter the line, “I am a big boy with a big boy hat. ‘ It ‘s subtle but it ‘s there.

OK But Check Out This Shot Of Jon Snow

It ‘s only on screen for a second but here is Kit Harrington in the role that made him famous.

This Is Just A Reminder That Melisandre May Fuck A Dead Jon Snow

That ‘s just good TV.

There Are Two Jon Snows In This Shot

Wait am I seeing double? Nope. Two unknown riders are atop TWO Jon Snows. Now that the show has veered off from the books, we have no idea if this is what George RR Martin intended. But given how calculated this series is, we can safely assume double Jon Snow has been in the works for years.

Jon Snow Serving Davos

The trailer ends on this shot, where it ‘s as clear as day that not only is Jon returning but he ‘s some sort of #2 to Davos, who takes on a larger role going forward.

Can ‘t wait for this all to unfold! Sorry for all the spoilers!!

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