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Watch Sara Schaefer Investigate False Rape Accusations As A Get-Rich-Quick Scheme For Women

There is a weird phenomenon where, unlike with the reporting of similar violent or traumatic crimes, when a woman speaks out about having been raped, she ‘s accused of lying for the sake of fame, attention, or money. When the alleged rapist is a famous man, she ‘s accused of trying to sabotage his reputation.

In her new video “Accusations Inc. ‘ comedian Sara Schaefer investigates whether or not women are indeed creating rape stories out of thin air as a way to climb the career ladder and destroy famous men. Using data compiled from a gut feeling, as well as interviews with some lady bloggers, a wealthy woman, and some people who really love doing Bill Cosby impressions, Schaefer makes, well, a good video you all should watch!

h/t Splitsider

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