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Here’s Proof That Every Movie Ever Should Probably End With That One Dire Straits Song

The Walk Of Life Project ‘s mission statement is simple: “Hypothesis: 'Walk of Life ‘ by Dire Staits is the perfect song to end any movie. ‘ Creator Peter Salomone has tested his hypothesis and we think when you study the results you ‘ll find that the song is dumb and great and perfect for the end of dramas and comedies alike. So far, Salomone has re-soundtracked the final scenes of more movies than we can count, but maybe that ‘s cuz we can only count to nine or so. (Double digits is hard!)

Don ‘t see your favorite film on here? Maybe he ‘ll get to it eventually! In a quote to Gizmodo, Salomone says, “I ‘d like to do more since people seem to enjoy it but my doctor says I need to take a break. ‘ Check out some of our favorites below:


Mad Max: Fury Road

The Graduate

Dr. Strangelove

The Lion King (which usually ends with “Circle of Life ‘, and this is “Walk of Life, so ‘ you get it)

And, finally, the series finale of Friends, which is a TV show, not a movie, Peter Salomone!! JK we really like this one, too!

Check out more at The Walk of Life Project.

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