By: Richard, Former Trump Supporter

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Former Trump Supporter: “Rachel Maddow Finally Showed Me The Light”

The following is a guest piece from a former Trump supporter whose mind was changed after he saw that Rachel Maddow Trump takedown clip that ‘s going around.

Sorry Trump2016, I ‘m out. It ‘s been a wild ride but I saw something over the weekend that convinced me that Donald Trump is dangerous and that he has been fooling me and my fellow Trump supporters this whole time. What was it that got me to change my mind? You guessed it, Rachel Maddow did a report.

I ‘ve been a Trump supporter since day one. I ‘ve traveled to rallies, I ‘ve bought red hats, and I firmly believed it when he said he was going to make America great again. But I saw this headline in an angry email my estranged daughter sent to me and I just had to take a look.

‘MAY HAVE JUST COST DONALD TRUMP THE ELECTION ‘? OK, I said, this might get ugly ‘

I clicked the link and there she was on my screen, Rachel Maddow. Someone I definitely respect and believe is unbiased. She changed my mind.

My mind is blown! I was wrong. Oh, I was so wrong. Thank you Ms. Maddow for changing my, and to be sure, millions of Trump supporters ‘ minds.

That ‘s right, it ‘s not just me whose mind got changed. I have buttloads of friends who were Trump supporters until I emailed them with the following message.


Dear friends and fellow Trump supporters,

Bad news: Rachel Maddow has BLOWN TRUMP UP, she basically just COST TRUMP THE ELECTION with a BRILLIANT report.

That ‘s right friends, a reporter that we all respect as a journalist of integrity aired completely unmanipulated clips that without a doubt show that our (former) favored presidential candidate, Donald Trump, encouraged us and people like us to be violent against protestors at his rallies. I urge you all to watch this clip. Rachel Maddow will, without a doubt, change your mind about Trump and, more importantly, the way all of us as his supporters look at ourselves.

My favorite thing Rachel Maddow does ‘ which is also the reason she has effectively changed my mind ‘ is when she makes a sarcastic confused face in silence after watching a clip. It is at that point, when the sarcasm is so thick I can practically scoop it out of my computer screen, that I see myself most clearly for the fucking idiot that I am.

I know all of that now thanks to watching this Rachel Maddow report and I urge all of you to follow suit.

Your friend, a FORMER monster and a FORMER Trump Supporter.

And just like that, my Trump boys google group disbanded and we have all moved on to other hobbies to fill the time we used to spend on violently serving all of Donald Trump ‘s whims.

But that ‘s not all! After Rachel Maddow changed my mind about supporting Trump, I started digging deeper into the internet. I decided to explore past just the angry links that my estranged daughter sends me and my normal web routine (googling ‘me nazi trump boy, now what? ‘ over and over till I see porn).

Eventually I ended up on Facebook where there were SO MANY posts calling all Trump supporters inhuman demons, racist ass holes, and uneducated white trash. After reading that, I was not only done with my support for Trump, I also became deeply ashamed of myself.

Having a 27-year-old college graduate who spends all day on the internet for their job call me and all my friends idiots is something I WISH had happened years ago. That way I would have immediately stopped believing in what I believe in, found out what those people believed in, and started believing in that.

Thank you Rachel Maddow and all of the other brave Americans for showing me the light.

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