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Best Late Night Of The Morning: John Oliver Never Thought He’d Have To Care About Donald Trump

Many months ago, (in October, to be exact), John Oliver went on The Late Show and said he wasn ‘t giving Donald Trump ‘s quote-unquote ‘presidential campaign ‘ any of his attention. Yet, look at Oliver now, the number-one seller of ‘Make America Drumpf Again ‘ hats. Hats which are desired by many, including HOVA aka IZZO aka JAY Z!

Are Oliver ‘s actions not that of what we in the political world call ‘a flip-flopper? ‘ Does this mean we can ‘t vote for John Oliver for president anymore? What ‘s that, we were never allowed to vote for John Oliver because he wasn ‘t born here? Does anyone have a chair for us to sit in? This is a lot to take in at once.

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